Hellu world

I just had (it’s not the end) like 8529252217452163184857k exams this week xcccc, no for real it was 1 Monday,2 Tuesday, and like I said it’s not end I will have 2 on Friday and a big on Monday xc (mean I’m maybey not gunna post customs this week-end DX) so I’m so busy! I can’t even draw anytheng :s

I just had the time to do another personal custom for myself on the last Sunday XD I really luv it c: it’s a special for Christmas hehe (it’s why I just gave to u the old one, apologies again for lost the fkin bodeh that goes with it xc) ummm what chu all asked for christmas ?? 😀 I want to know c: I just wish to get 70 ec fast for the flame thrower on Era c:< XD

I wonder how GFX can make/edit customs on ipad or iphone or whatever mobile. I tried and I made a crap XD I prefer the computer for cx it’s easy on.

Oh! New page added :3 chu can find on all my drawsss cx (um notheng yet on sry XD but be patient pls cx)

wut to, wut to say , wut to say… ummmmmmm… Idk! I think I just said all cx just hope chu all are ok, and chu all will apologize me if I dun post any customs this week-end… Dx

btw thanks chu all for following me and happy 6.5k views! (yas only idc cx) luv chu all guys ❤


~Yuki  blue-iphone-heart

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