Ombre Preview

It’s the 3rd time that I try and it gave dat: img_1787ombre

Original head found on Mooncake’s website c: also liek Photoshop (dis is duh program dat I use for gfx) crashed I have to do again the right and left ! #FkDisForReals! >;c, i only had to do the back and den duh bodeh! but dis fkin program was just liek “I’m lazy,k ? lemme sleep and erase dis cuz its a crap” xc, I’ll maybe do another color if I have time am not lazy and also the human and the kitty/human versions will be in dere tomorrow c; andddd I almost got 19k views 😀 but idk wat to do for celebrate duh future 20k views ;c hmmm. I’ll see later.

If u heard about France (Paris exactly), share in ur status on Graal “#JeSuisCharlie” its the freedom of expression. Also if u dunno wat happend, go search on internet ._.

Thank chu for supporting meh guys ;* ❤ Lets reach 20k fast! (uh wait idk wat to do for dis ;o)

Bye Bye!

~Yuki ❤

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