it was long

hiya ;o finally I finished those! I didn’t edited tge first, it’s MoonCake that did the ombre c; credits to her, then I just transformed it in kitteh. Original customs are by Em ! I did the ombre of the two others and transformed them them in kitties c: here ya go graalians



Set transparency for human bodies (bodies with a background) Do not set transparency for kitties body and heads.

Hope you guys like them c; btw. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

tumblr_inline_mi8c2yB7e91roozkr tumblr_inline_mi8bzuQVtW1roozkr tumblr_inline_mi8c92hhrV1roozkr tumblr_inline_mi8bw3cFTJ1roozkr tumblr_inline_mi8c5ehm5A1roozkr tumblr_inline_mi8c4cqJWi1roozkr tumblr_inline_mi8c8gSAdm1roozkr tumblr_inline_mi8c4jqA4s1roozkr

I don’t made any of these c:

~Yuki tumblr_lolrtq14mA1qg9aa7

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