Story Of My Life

This happend to me on Classic
This is also the “Story Time”!
I was bored to wait my custom, so I decided to go somewhere (I didn’t really know where…) I took my wagon and started to ride it .3. Then I saw a Fire Slime, I just was surprised and tought “Omfg! Wtf! Wait, I have to kill it *^* maybe it’s a really special one o:” <-stupid girl ._. (Remember I'm a nub in Classic ;3) Then I started to hurt him with my ice-cream, also another girl was watching me o-o it took like 5min for kill him (wtf all this time for kill a fking slime… Noob.) Then finally I killed him *^* I was near the tracks,then a guy riding his wagon came right here (maybe he was afk but it didn't noticed that o-o) and pick up the gralats that the slime just drop… LIKE WTF U SO FKING LUCKY D; I was like "… Fk u… Wtf… I'm fking… Surprised!" The girl that was watching me just said ":0 I'm sorry for u" ;~;

Ahah ._. I’m serious this really happend o-o there was just 15min ago. Here a pic of my sadness XD I mean of the Story.

That’s all ^~^
iLy guys .o.
~Yuki 💙

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