Madness ?

When I posted yesterday’s post (First. I’m pretty sure people took me for a bish XD) I was really mad (no.. seriously… wow I didn’t even notice ._.) because of that people that are saying that they made their customs (Of course, I’m not stupid, I know that there are people with personals but I was asking people to test them, if they was giving credits or not.) and I really hate when people lie. But I wanted to thanks the ones that give credits and that respect our work 🙂 so ya. Thank you really much for giving credits ❤ I thought about those people and decided to continue sharing my work. What about the requests ? I still accept requests but I will only be able to do them on week-end, sorry x:

Well, Gfx is my passion. And I want to share my work. My ideas. And I wish that I could make customs by scratch and not only edit.

I’m trying to draw an Attack on Titan character in chibi version! But like I’m lazy and really busy with school stuff :s Also, today I found a japan shop C: there were AoT stuff *^* I just bought like all (almost. Ikr I’m crazy C:) There was a Levi bag .o. a figurine of Levi and the chibi version (ya I bought those.) Also Eren’s Key C: and a T-shirt.. The cape of the scouting legion 😛 Ikr I’m crazy I bought all that ._.

Visit this site for great and original customs!

~YukiMoon ❤


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