Omg, look it’s not an ombre!

You guys will not believe me XD guess what ? I got ideas. I don’t even believe myself o: I was thinking about doing edits and *poof!* idea… *poof!* anotha idea… *poof!* omfg a idea… I’m not lying è.é (I’m not even crazy e.e) it’s teh truth :> well, I started to edit and it gave dat…


(actually on the real head she doesn’t smile but I was happy so I made her smile XD but if chu want I can add a smile o.o) Hope you like it :>! I mixed random heads that was in my files c;

Well, then answer this poll for help me make it better!

I’ll try to post another custom but I’m not sure to because teachers gave us too much fucking homework è.é I just almost died by reading all the work that I had for Monday… ;^;

Dat’s all lovelies cookies!

~Yuki ❤

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