Sweet Pastel Cupcakes

Dere teh customs I told chu about .o. doll face with pastel colored gummy hair c:<

Credits: Mia, Kay.

Colors: Pastel Pinky Cake, Pastel Purple Candy, Pastel Blue Lollipop, Pastel Yellow Orange Banana, Pastel Green Apple


qtpinkycupcakep qtpurplycupcakep qtblubycupcakep qtyellycupcakep qtgreenycupcakep


qtpinkycupcake qtpurplycupcake qtblubycupcake qtyellycupcake qtgreenycupcake

qtpinkycupcakeb qtpurplycupcakeb qtblubycupcakeb qtyellycupcakeb qtgreenycupcakeb

Do not set transparency for bodies and heads!

What I Did: I only edited some faces of the head and then I recolored them in differents colors. I recolored the extensions and the outfits.

Please, give credits! Thank you!

No customs coming until I get news ideas (except requests)



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