Views Came Back So Fast

Happy Exactly 88.711 Titans Shaped Of Cookie! Arigatōgozaimasuuuuuu!

Just anyfin, you don’t have to ask for get your compliment posted on my site, I’ll save every compliments and then when I will reach 100K views (not 90k because I don’t have enough pms), I’ll post all of them ^^

I don’t accept Requests or Personal Requests anymore! Please, don’t insist or just get mad at me because I can’t do your request. I already said in a old post that the Request Page was closed, so don’t harass me for that.

Also, if I’m not too busy (mk 2 exams in one week. That’s k ._.) I could MAYBE start to do Heads Drawings Requests! I said MAYBE! Mk so if that doesn’t happens don’t yell at me like “U LIER U SAID U WERE GONNA TAKE DRAWINGS REQUESTS AND U REFUSE MINE LIEK TF” no ._.

Guys, I wanna organise a Fanart Competition! “What the hell is that?!” Fanart is a drawing (art) made for a person that you like or admire. I don’t care if you draw sumeting called cute, awesome, basic, ugly, horrid or whatever adjective, because nothing is good or bad in art, your drawing is the interior of your heart! I will accept every drawings 🙂 but before, I need that you vote. Read the question and choose, please.

If there are enough people voting for “Yes” I will do a Fanart Competition! Don’t worry, I’m not giving much informations about that because if you aren’t enough, all this will have been a waste of time. One last thing, EVERY fanart will be posted when it will end except if you don’t want to ^^

I think that you liked the “Deep Sea Girl” custom (>y<) so hmmm. Maybe I could try to make another Miku’s Module for you, mina (o⌒.⌒o) maybe maybe ^^ why not? I busy XD Idc, I’ll try one day, I’ll try to find a good Module to make XD
Well, that’s all ^^ Btw.. My birthday is in some weeks (*≧▽≦) guess when is it, what month ? What day ? Comment or pm me on Era c: I’ll post the winner on mai site (lmao)

~YukiMoon ❤

I dunno either who are these cookies but they look cute that’s why they’re here!

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