Rainbow Taste With Braids

Same colors but braids extensions with other emotions on the others face parts c:

Credits to Kelsi > KelsiScarletFilla.Wp

Human Customs:

kwaybrds kwaybrds2 kwaybrds3 kwaybrds4 kwaybrds5 kwaybrds6 kwaybrds7 kwaybrds8 kwaybrds9


Human-Kitty Customs:

kwaybrdshk kwaybrdshk2 kwaybrdshk3 kwaybrdshk4 kwaybrdshk5 kwaybrdshk6 kwaybrdshk7 kwaybrdshk8 kwaybrdshk9

kwaybrdshkb kwaybrdshkb2 kwaybrdshkb3 kwaybrdshkb4 kwaybrdshkb5 kwaybrdshkb6 kwaybrdshkb7 kwaybrdshkb8 kwaybrdshkb9

Do not set transparency for the Heads & the Human-Kitty Bodies but do for the Human Bodies.

The heads could be disapproved by admins because of the missing dying part of them, but they could not ban you from uploading for that reason.

Yosh, I’m so tired of uploading files to posts and I still have to upload them on the others pages ;-; idc I’ll do that tomorrow ._.

Thut’s all (yay -v-) see you later plushies ❤

~YukiMoon ❤

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