Some Changements

I added all the missing customs on all the pages that needed them (HeadsBodiesFull Package Customs)

Also added “Names Sets” for every customs you can find on the Full Package Customs Page! + certain names sets are colored, those are the ones I prefer and the more important ones too: Chitoge from Nisekoi has a ombre name set since her hair shade blonde to pink (so, her name set is shading blonde to pink) the “Rainbow Taste Set” has a ombre name set too since the hair color of each head makes a rainbow (name set ombre is rainbow so).

YES, I took 30mins to do all that so please check this page and look at the ombre name sets omg *o*

Updated Pages: HeadsBodiesFull Package CustomsFanart Competition (Finished)Kawaii GFX Sites

+ The YukiMoon’s Arts Page will be updated with a new drawing of my creation soon, but you’ll be noticed by a new post > so a new mail = a notification on your Worpress application. If you are not noticed then you’re not following my WordPress Blog so it’s really really bad and you have to click on the “Follow” button right now if you want news kawaii customs!

I’ll be maybe be posting a Tanuki (DON’T SEARCH TANUKI, SEARCH RACCON) custom or only the head soon if I can. (Watanuki‘s (Inu x Boku) Youkai Form)

~YukiMoon ❤

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