Already in the middle of Summer!

Already in the (almost) middle of Summer ;~; and I still did not post any summer customs > “Summer Blonde Human-Doll Old Personal” or sumfin similar well just go check urself. This name set is too long ;-;

Maybe you’ll like the upcoming heads idk. no prev cus this idiot of PhotoShop program crashed when I was almost done and so it took me 30mins to go back to where it crashed. but it’s not totally finished and still needs littles edits, and also the detail parts of the others faces to do. Don’t worry I’ll finish it tomorrow or on Friday idk, if the heads are posted on Friday then a preview of them will be posted tomorrow :3 but idk if I could finish them on Friday since i’m going out to visit some japanese shops *^* but I’ll try to finish them as fast as possible c: I’ll also try to find a matching body for the heads! A dress or a bikini would maybe match… no a dress is better for the faces they have.

Well, I’ll try to work as I can tomorrow and it’ll maybe be finished tomorrow !

PS: some of you must know that there’s a widget for the birthdays > “Monthly Birthdays” on the left, on this blog. Feel free to comment your birthday so I could add it on this widget :3

Help to imagine the upcoming head:

“Water isn’t a problem anymore when you have long hair”

… This sentence sucks ;~; well, good luck.


~YupiMoon or YukiMoon ?

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