Vocaloid IA Preview

Looks like it’s gonna take a while. Well, the body is hell. Here a preview to resume the situation:


Yep, I tried my best to realize IA‘s custom looking like her the best. I almost made the body D: !

And I took 1h30 to make the first two attempts of the body -_- You understand, right ? I hope so. School restarted and I will be really inactive. I better also start Halloween customs now. And this fucking body will take me so much time to be all done. Wish you understand that you’ll have to wait for that. I dunno if I’ll be able to edit some others customs unstead of this one, so please, don’t spam me or yell at me about this, don’t hurry me or it’ll surely be crap (more than the actual body…). And wanted to precise that because of the extensions ( Added back extensions, no wories ❤ ) like 45% of the whole body is hidden. So, looks like 40% of what I am editing is going to be useless, guess I’ll be just using the extensions as a help and don’t complete what it’s under. And please do not request the whole body without the extensions omfg, oh but requests are closed ,_, sorry. Also, had to notice everyone, me and Britt are working toguether on a new site called BrittAndYuki.Wp, check it out .3. there’s not so much work on it but maybe you’ll like Britt’s work .3. – I’ve been listening to Vocaloid’s Yandere Songs (especially IA’s and Miyu’s but Lilly’s are great too xD) I decided to share some with chu, but since WordPress have issues with Youtube videos I’ll share them in the next post ._. What’s the problem ? It just won’t show Youtube videos when there’s a text in the same post, or maybe it’s not that, I dunno.

I’ll add the credits with the custom done.

~YukiMoon ❤

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