IA-Chan The Vocaloid (Request)

Oh my god! I finished the IA custom! I’m not kidding tumblr_lzgqh3l8kR1r10jj7 Really not

This has been requested by “Ngan”



-Edited hairstyle.

-Edited hair shade.

-Recoloured hair.

-Remade the eyes.

-Recoloured eyes.

-Added braid extensions.

-Added backside extensions.

-Added emoticon faces.

-Made a whole body using a fanart as a model.

-Added braid and backside extensions.

-Fixed body issues.

-Added watermarks on the head and body.

-Made a preview.


I used Mikasa’s Head (By me) to make IA‘s head.


– Kelsi-Sama > KelsiScarletFilla.Wp

– Lucy-Chan > LucyGraal.Wp

Fanart Of IA Vocaloid:







Do not erase my watermark

Do not select “Set Transparency” for the head and the body.

Don’t hesitate to comment if the custom have any issues or transparency problems.

( If the custom is disaprouved saying “Transparency is missing” it’s that the wrong admin took care of the custom. In that case just retry later and it should work, but if it still doesn’t comment here or contact me on Era -View The Contact Page– )

Wish you like this custom! I took + 1 month to make it ;u; Which is a great reason to give credits c;< I’m not kidding here, you better give credits if you use it or edit it.


I wanted to thank you all for your support and likes! So, thank you really much for all that! tumblr_inline_ndjek56rIS1qgy16y

But please, guys, stop copying what I do, thanks.

Well, I said all I guess. Gudbye!

~YukiMoon tumblr_luwdacajyj1qlxrbs


~Also, My Next Project Will Probably Be Origami Tobiichi From Date A Live ! (I may do others charachters from this anime thought!)~

4 thoughts on “IA-Chan The Vocaloid (Request)

  1. Hello YukiMoon,
    This is a very nice custom set as I myself am a fan of Vocaloid :3
    But when i tried to upload both the head and body,it got rejected saying that there is no transparency and should try setting transparency,did that and still rejected for no transparency.
    Please fix this problem thank you very much.


    • Well, Astrea. It worked for me, I tried two times today (Had to log off and relog on because they took much time) and it worked, maybe try at this time of the day, and if it doesn’t work, I can try uploading it for you.


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