Sachiko Shinozaki – Corpse Party

I only did the spirit version ( so she’s wearing a red kimono ).

Enjoy ❤

Work’s Status:

Head: Recolor + Face Edits

Kimono: Recolor + Edits

Dress: Recolor + Fixed Transparency Issues


– Nyxumi-Chan > NyxumiGFX.Wp > GamingLoversGFX.Wp > KelsiScarletFilla.Wp

– Naru-Chan > CutieFactory.Wp

– Astarte-San > AstartesCloset.Wp


sachiko Sachiko102






Do not erase my watermark

Do not select “Set Transparency”.

Don’t hesitate to comment if the custom have any issues or transparency problems.

I couldn’t really do more on the head thought hehe.. This is crappy :c Btw I’ll maybe do the human version if I have time u.u

~YukiMoon tumblr_luwdacajyj1qlxrbs

14 thoughts on “Sachiko Shinozaki – Corpse Party

  1. but at the same time it’s sad how she watched her mom yeah…..and then he pushed her down the stairs and killed the daughter after her seeing :c PS LISTENING TO UMA THERMAN ATM WHILE WORKING ON A CUSTOM XD


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