Read it.

Once again…


I already said it! But people won’t understand *facepalm* 

I just checked a site, it’s lovely and gave credits (That’s good!) looking at the head (Which was one of mine) she added in the post, she erased my watermark and added her instead ._. Really. Ty for giving creds but still half steal for me, you can say I’m a bish but whatever. You can’t erase a watermark. Well on the next custom I’ll put my watermark EVERYWHERE (: so you couldn’t get it off! On every back of the head and of course on the death part too. 

But atleast, thanks so much for people that does not steal Artists’ work and erase our watermarks ❤ that’s so nice from you guys (: 

Received so much lovely pms today (was at my cousins’ house sorry) thanks so much guys ❤

~雪月 ✂️

uh uh 

First time I saw this fanart:

WTF NUU ;-; Why Satoshi, Morishigee..! Ayumi ish alone lol.


Wait.. In the end.. It’s not that bad 0: just don’t make a harem cri. Lol Ayumi still alone cuz she’s rude <:

Hehe nu homophob pls.

13 thoughts on “Read it.

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  2. Yuki Senpai… I feel so bad and a bit crying. Ladylike heal IFILE me OMGG IT HURTS. You know the one that request i asked you to do with the ombré… She IFILE. Omg it hurts. It has that same blue color I love and that side that’s white on the face. Omg she IFILE it and I feel so horrible. Wow :/ my personal just got posted. And now anyone can have it


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