Stealers (:

I make/edit anime and manga customs for you guys and there you do that. Annika, from FamousGfxBlog.Wp. Pffft they can’t GFX or what ? So they take all my anime and manga customs and post them as “I made this it’s a major edit uh” all customs posted by Annika is by me, I gently commented to give credits but no! Ignored! Then see what you get. Look at that password protected post. It’s funny cause when I did it I didn’t even know the whole thing.

Lol see all the customs she stoles me pff. Now she is gonna post Naho’s custom of course (: 

All those are by me and me only. 


Stop ignoring my comments smh or I’ll ignore yours and I’ll post your head definitely. I’m forced to, plus you didn’t make it, Nafila did, so whatever …


30 thoughts on “Stealers (:

  1. Hello Yukimoon. That’s terrible to hear. I had that issue too once and was pissed as well. I contacted the person and she added credits later on. I took stuff from you too, but I’m always giving credits. Most of the time even with backlinks.I think people should give credits if they take your work to push your web! Your work is helping them to build up a small followership and therefore they should be grateful and give a credit at least.

    Also smiled about the name famousgfxblog. Seriously? And then their sub-title: “Are you famous enough to wear our customs?”
    Let’s start with our customs: which brings me back to the point: You made them, Yukimoon.
    And “Are you famous enough..?” … lol just lol. She made it too 600-700 views in 2 weeks. Please don’t say you are famous or declare people to be not famous enough.
    Okay – let them use their name. Not saying something against the name – just the way how they act up along using it. Sure – call yourself famousgfxblog – I won’t bother – but please come around with own stuff and don’t just copy + paste from yukimoon without giving credits. @Annika: If you want followers. Earn them on a different way.

    Giving credits should be always done when you use different material.

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      • People deleting comments show weakness. And true fans of yours will always know who did this. You have 200k+ views, they even struggled to get 700.
        As host of GFX webs you should be able to take criticism instead of removing it.

        I “only” have 20k views, but I already made the experience that most people really appreciate work we do. And once someone copies me or tries to steal my stuff my followers inform me :3

        On the other hand I got a very bad PM once that I didn’t give feedback for CuppyGraal once for using her head. Ehehe. Turned out that the girl didn’t check out my web precisely enough since credits were given.

        I’m just glad I didn’t have that many stealing and ifiling issues yet – but I’m only at 20k views and I think they might ifiling me sooner or later.

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    • I wouldn’t use shame as a weapon, besides, I wouldn’t hurt a friend..😓
      I believe they aren’t aware of their surroundings, it’s not there fault. They might have posted them but Yuki don’t let stealers hurt you. Keep on going! People know what’s happening, people are lazy. So they take templates from whom inspires them. Trust me people who steal, want to be like you. They don’t know how to say so or do so, but their trying at their level of achhonledgement. So please don’t hate on people like this. My friend has already left the website, let’s avoid problems like this in the feature. And hopefully people would be aware of this post✌🏻️


  2. omfg ;-; she said “(major edit) -Annika” ._. “i Edited it, so kawai i will upload it soon” etc.. she has no life is she steals your work ! ❤ ur awesome .. don't let her take your talent from you..


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  4. They are just lazy and personally I don’t like it when people do that to you and your site because you have said it a billion times on your site that you don’t want people doing that. 😡 just remember that they might think they did it, but really they don’t feel the success you feel because you put a lot of hard effort into thoses heads and bodies. All they did was steal from someone that had the talent do it. I have one of your anime costumes that I uploaded and I still love it. I keep your wm on it and I don’t really mind, I don’t know how to do all the stuff you do anyway. Ha


  5. YukiMoon senpai, I see u put watermarks on your customs, do they not see the watermarks?! “Major edits ~Annika” tch. Also for the Yuno Gasai Yandere Custom she said “This girl copied my Yuno Gasai uploads but it’s fine because she said sorry and yeah” Like bruhhh! You posted those customs for the public, it’s not just HER PERSONAL custom -.- Also they don’t edit, it’s rare that they edit they only just post customs from other’s sites and give credit… (PS don’t mind my rant ^.^ I just freaking hate stealers)
    -Yandere M Team


    • Omg >^< I know right~ and now they were about to upload on of the fabulous Mooncake's customs and they saw someone planning to upload it and they're like "I saved it first!" "Now she's gonna upload it and steal it" omg.. They just take stuff from others site and then upload them for themselves and when someone have them too, they be like "Omfg u copied me! I'm gonna make a post about you and everyone will hate you!" If they want unique customs for themselves only they gotta make their ones *facepalm*


  6. Ugh this is absolutely disgusting i absolutely hate when people steal and out of all the people the most fabulous gfx artist/my idol gets her customs stolen it just doesn’t seem right you time out of your life to make the most beautiful work i’ve ever seen it just doesn’t seem fair for people to take that from you… it’s super sickening what people do I’m really sorry you stolen from :c


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