Probably Temporary Quitting.

Well, I guess I’ll be temporary quitting the GraalOnline servers. Simply because:

  • I have to study for my upcoming exams.
  • I have a lot of homework.
  • Graal is getting boring and really tiring.
  • I got ifiled again (Yes, again).
  • What’s the point in making anything personal if someone will ifile it (and post it if possible) in some days ?

I’m just tired of all this crap… Sorry but that’s it. I will not quit GFX, surely not today but I will quit this game for some time or at least I will be really inactive. I will also change my name and certainly my gang too so that less people could stalk me (at least). I’m also really sorry for all that people that got ifiled too, I know that sucks really much, especially when it’s the first time it happens to you. It’s so frustrating, I say it once again. If there would be any way to protect your personal work we would already be aware of it, just hoping that someday that will happen. That’s also unfair that GFX artists can’t get their own unique personal custom when they work so hard. We try to share our edits/made by scratch customs because we love doing that and certainly also helping you but there are always people that just want more. I understand some players seem to love our personal work and so they obliviously have to ifile it or request it to an ifiler but I’m sorry, I don’t find it fair at all for us that work so much. They just have to download some stupid crap and then log onto the server files or something and pick the personal head or body they want ? That’s just so unfair! I’m just done for now. Goodbye and try to do your best to not get ifiled someday even if it looks impossible.

See you this weekend I guess.

〜 雪月 ✂️

12 thoughts on “Probably Temporary Quitting.

  1. NO YUKI SENPAI PLEASE DO NOT QUIT EVEN IF YOUR NOT GONNA QUIT FOREVER. I understand the pain of ifiling and taking away our personals but we have too move on. I was ifiled for the first time but I have to move on. it hurts a lot but there r some things out of our control. Its not fair yea but they can go and die. We (as in friends) supports you and will help u get thru dis

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    • Yes, but that girl ended removing our heads and doesn’t hacked to ifile (which is a faster way) but only copied pixel by pixel people’s customs and this guy that ifiled my doll head hacked to do it, so he’ll probably continue stalking me and ifiling me as Superior did, even if I show off my personal customs, he could still do it since he only need the server’s saves to ifile. But that’s not all, some people commented there (including me) and each complain comment he receives get deleted because he totally doesn’t care! He only keep encouragement comments like “Oh can u copy more girls heads ?” or “I love this site, can u ifile **** from GraalEra ?” and it’s really pissing me off. He could ifile anybody that someone requests just so easily, even you or any member of your guild, everyone can get ifiled.
      That’s really why it’s depressing me once again :c
      But I’m really thankful that there are still people to support me… I hope people will not share the ifiled customs on any site..


  2. awww yuki 😦 yes this is the first time ive ever had someone ifile my personals and post on a website 😦 and I feel awful…the part that makes me upset the most is he stole my Christmas dress its even on the homepage and he put created by mango that makes me upset the most cause I spent hours on that dress and all he did was put his name on it 😦


    • Awww D: I know how hard it is to make a whole body, it takes so long… But get it ifiled must so frustrating, I’m so sorry for you ❤ I hope he will disband his site again.. Plus he keep ignoring our comments and only keep comments from people that ask him to ifile others people and stuff.. Ugh… I really don't know what to do ):

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  3. Hello Yuki Senpai :3 please don’t leave for good I’m looking up to you.
    Feel free to take a break since school is pretty important. I’m glad that I already graduated :3 – so Graal didn’t tempt me when I was at school.

    I got ifiled to (the first time as well) -they filed the my favourite personal head on olwest, but hey maybe it is the best things that happened to me since important people got aware of me and my web. Telling you more later :3


  4. wise choice~ school matters so much more than games or pixel art Cx
    oml…i cant wait til’ i get iFiled for the first time! :0 no idea why Im exited for it… eh, maybe just the thought of a new experience >.<


  5. Ye Yuki I got ifiled too,,That’s why i removed all my customs and don’t wear/use it. So that people can’t stalk and ifile me too.. that’s the only thing i can do to stop ifiling my customs… :(( I have no idea what to do so…:((


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