Kyoukai No Kanata Projects

I think I may try to do all the female characters of this wonderful anime, Kyoukai No Kanata (Beyond The Boundary) if I can, they are just all so perfect. And people have been asking me to make them and specially Mirai.
Starting by the most kawaii one, Kuriyama Mirai, I already started it this weekend and I’m partically halfway with it.

I guess I may do Mitsuki Nase or Ayaka Shindou, I’ll decide later which one, even thought I think Ayaka’s more original to do.

I’ll decide later of when I’ll do the others characters.

I may post the Mirai custom really soon so stay tuned !

And no, I didn’t copy the wonderful Usagi (WonderfulBunny.Wp) neither she did~~

OOS (OutOfSubject): Please, report the site TsukinoGraalGfx.Weebly at ! The person owning this site is a fake, she impersonated Tsukino-Onee Chan and was rude towards Poochy-Senpai and me. Just go check what she wrote if you need something funny to brights your day lol.

And, I know, I should try editing boy heads but I dunno if it’ll look good and honestly, it doesn’t interest me for now.

✄ 雪月 tumblr_inline_nsxodkGUHM1t78dpp_500

Fuyukai Desu!!

12 thoughts on “Kyoukai No Kanata Projects

  1. Nice! She’s super cute I can’t wait to see ^_^. Just be careful because of copyright… I know that Sun had a Kuriyama head and I don’t think she was allowed to keep it? I’m not sure


    • Awww, most of my public anime customs were aproved, atleast nobody told me if any were disaproved nor had uploading issues. They always worked when I uploaded them too, so I hope this one will work (also I really hope cause this one is really detailled and is long to finish °^°)

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  2. Thank you for mentioning we didn’t copy either ❤ I don't like it when I'm misunderstood and when people think I'm not original (*´︶` *) Again, honto ni arigato (๑´ㅂ`๑)


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