Fuyukai Desu! (Preview)

I love this sentence x,D

So, hun. I had no time to finish this. I was halfway but I noticed I just missed much details of the head so, I kinda remade it. Then I made a preview of the face and a little poll, cause I need your help to decide, and since this head is for you guys, it’s kind of normal.

Front Preview of Kuriyama Mirai Glasses Off & On:

( Full Size )


( Thumbnail Size )



And, here. The poll.

I’ll need you to choose which type of glasses do you want me to make as third version of the face. Because I’ll make the head without glasses, with glasses and I’m hesitating between transparent top border or just remove top border.

Front Preview of Kuriyama Mirai’s different Glasses types:

( Thumbnail Size > Save the picture for a better view if you’re on computer/laptop )


( Full Size > It’s really blurry, if you want a better view of the transparent top border, save the previous preview if you’re on computer/laptop )


Vote which one should be the third version:

Make sure you voted!


This probably means there will not be any customs out this weekend but I’ll try to post something if I have enough time. I’m really sorry.

I really hope this custom will be aproved when I’ll be done with it.

Comment if you want me to change something else, as the face ( I don’t think it matches enough ) if you want me to change it, I would like you to give me the face template you want me to add. And yes, I know the hair shading is horrible, I don’t know how to fix that but I’ll try to do something good looking.

Anyways, I’ll watch the last episode of Zankyou no Terror and have some good Kaneki x reader fanfic after this -v-

✄ 雪月 tumblr_inline_nsxodkGUHM1t78dpp_500


Kaneki has the third place in the Top 15 Of The Most Beautiful Anime Eyes Of All Time on MyAnimeList.net


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