『 Europe Time | 1:50 AM | 02/18/2016 』

This post is divided in different parts:

  • February Break
  • Fakes & Stealers
  • 2016 Fanart Contest

Make sure you don’t miss any important information.

February Break:

My two weeks February Break starts tomorrow’s night! (cause I’m probably gonna watch animu or read fanfics again) it’s gonna be awesome. And I’ll try to post more (yes, I almost hope as all of you do). Gonna try to sketch a little more and I need watercolors cause I understood color pencils weren’t my thing AT ALL. Like kill that. I do crap with that. So, I’ll try to see if I can buy watercolors on Saturday… ” but mamman, Saturday’s the day you have to make customs for ur lil Qs children” > O no I forgot. Well I’ll see, if you don’t see any post until 3am then it will maybe mean I’m not posting


Fakes & Stealers:

I’m annoyed of all that shit and all that shitty posts as all of you are. But if you don’t want to see those posts anymore stop impersonating and stealing. Oh wait, it’s completely impossible for some of you. Tell them to stop youselves then. I know some of you already are, and I thank you for that. If you see anyone impersonating or stealing report it to me or tell them to stop yourself or just do both.


2016 Fanart Contest:

I’m sorry that I completely forgot about it! But I didn’t know when to start it too. So, since my February break is starting tomorrow’s night what about just starting it tomorrow’s night ? Or on Saturday ? And ending it … um… I’m not sure of when but I guess 2 weeks may be good …? Well, I don’t know. 3 or even a month. Well, let’s just make a poll. Make sure to vote and tell your artists friends the 2016 Fanart contest is on soon ! Oh wait. I’m not sure of what you should draw this time either so vote the other poll too. Damn I forgot to choose what should the prize be too.

^ I had no ideas for this one sorry xD and the last is a multiple choice one

Make sure you voted!

More informations in the official post.


let’s enjoy this break~

✄ 雪月 tumblr_inline_nsxodkGUHM1t78dpp_500



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