Fanart Contest 2016 Ends

『 Europe Time | 6:00 AM | 03/06/2016 』

These two weeks were too fast.

Well, I’m just announcing it ends and I’m not accepting any submissions anymore unless you warned me about it before.

Results will be coming tomorrow (I can’t tell you precisely when) in the end because there are still participants that could not submit their drawing at the right time. But get in your head that the contest ended and as I just said before, I won’t accept your drawing unless you warned me before this post that you had issues sending it or you were busy at the time and forgot to send it before.

And I think the prize will end up being a personal request.

Oyasumi! (Ohayo for French people who are still up~)

Ugh my break is ending on Monday, goodbye…

tumblr_inline_nsxodh9bic1t78dpp_500 雪月 tumblr_inline_nsxodkGUHM1t78dpp_500

QOTP: Juice or Soda ?


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