Thank you.

『 Europe Time | 3:52 AM | 04/03/2016 』

No need to read if you don’t need to feel important.


Just wanted to say how much you guys are important to my eyes and how lonely I would probably be if I hadn’t known you all (:

I mean, I do have friends I think. But I guess only 2 or 3 are really worth it.

But I really was lonely in real when I created this site ^^” (and I was even more when I started spending time on Era, probably the reason why I played so much).

I really want to know you guys, so the few who take their time to read this, comment a few words about you, I’ll reply. And if no ones comment then whatever it’s okay xD

shyness, I know that +v+

Or msg me by anyway you can.

Thank you all for still visiting and following my site even thought I’ve been so inactive ❤

Also, I have said in my last post I would probably post some stuff this weeke– “O, well. When Yuki-Chan says that, it means we’re not getting anything this week either :c” Well, i don’t know cause it’s 3 AM and I’ve been looking through GFX sites to find good things to inspire me but I didn’t find anything really good so I’m really bored right now. “Watch anime if you’re so bored and won’t edit for ur children :<” There is no animes to watch cause there was no Durarara!! new episode this weekend since it ENDED ;o; and there is no interesting animes right now, I can’t even find inspiration there xD “If you don’t edit something soon we’ll die too, like all those anime children :,<” WHAT *Remembers Hide’s death* No ;-; I’ll do soon, but I’m searching inspiration so leave me alone ~~

And I know what the feeling of having to wait so much is (WHEN WILL YOU UPDATE THIS SHIZUO FANFIC, AUTHOR-CHAN ;A; ?) SO I’ll try to find something nice *>* cause I have concurrence to deal with too xD

I also wanted to make a Sasaki Haise fem. Custom for his birthday (04/02 > THIS SATURDAY ;A;) But I tried and it looked like a black headless octopus on a white-haired girl, explain me.

Well, I’ll try something else.

Thanks for reading and yes I’ve been wasting my time making text posts about what’s going on and how much boring my life is at the current time, sorry xD

See you tomorrow if I have found some gr8 otaku inspiration and if not, in some time after my death.


✄雪月 tumblr_inline_nsxodkGUHM1t78dpp_500

| Kanra-Chan desu, byebyebii~! |


7 thoughts on “Thank you.

  1. you could make a cute doll custom :3 everyone loves doll customs. i looooooooooooooove your gfx site. and like cookiedadoe said, take all your time you need for your customs ❤ oh and i know a very funny anime you could Watch! its called osomatsu san.


    • I really love doll too and I think I’ll probably do Undertale customs, maybe I could make the “main player” as a doll custom (it maybe will not be pastelgoth styled or I could try to use pastel colors for it but it’ll maybe not match so I dunno) OuO and I heard of Osomatsu san but I hadnt planed to watch it so maybe I’ll give it a try (everyone’s been saying good of it so why not +u+)


  2. Greeting YukiMoon Sama !!! I’ve been meaning to ask you a favor – can you visit my web (tsukinograalGFX), and see if it’s still private ? I made my site private for a bit because I was fixing some stuff !

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