Different Shading Style Attempt

Sofia-chan (from “New Game”) inspired

How did the recoloring session actually took more time than the shading one ??

~~ お楽しみ ~~


Head: Scratch made. I reshaded and reshaped the extensions from my Rolling Girl post.

Skin tone: Edited of my Deadly Smile post.

Bodies:  Added Extesions


Extensions: Sophie > LucyGraal.Wp

Body #1: Plushy > PastelAlpacaGfx.Wp

Body #2: Leah > LucyGraal.Wp


NOTE: Comment on this post if you would like to see different skin tones, hair colors, bodies or even any miscellaneous additions!






Give credit to YukiMoon GFX!

Do not erase my watermark

Do not set Set Transparency but for the body having a colored background.


Don’t hesitate to comment if the customs have any issues or transparency problems.

Please visit this adorable cinamonroll’s site~!

I originally wanted to try a different shading style, being inspired by New Game‘s (it’s an anime) one, I tried and wasn’t satisfied with it so I ended up doing it pratically my way. It wasn’t even supposed to be a full custom!

Well, I’m kind of satisfied with result ? It took me a bunch of time so I hope to see players wearing this collection on Graal.


Prepare for a huge lack of posts because 9th grade will be rough.

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tumblr_inline_nsxodp04291t78dpp_500 雪月tumblr_inline_nsxodkGUHM1t78dpp_500



7 thoughts on “Different Shading Style Attempt

    • We have a new program this year and we are the first the try it. People selling the books aren’t even ready for it, so we don’t have every book we are supposed to have yet. We’re more likely to be “late” during this whole year so we have to work even harder without stopping (or at least that’s what the History teacher said).
      I don’t think it’ll be this simple ;_;


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