Today is the site’s creation date and I completely forgot about it– I was just checking new comments and I happened to see this notif I missed, I was taken aback lolol.

I decided to read for the third time this first post where all started, its cringeyy asf please don’t go read it I beg you ;;;; I just want to edit it or even delete it but all the following posts are so cringy, it wouldn’t help in the end xD

Anyways, thank you very much for everything you do 😀 I’m so happy, I can’t even find the words. I, for some reason, really hope to talk to the people who followed me since the very start, I just want to hug them real tight because I’m so flattered they’re still here even with the horrible posts I published in the beginning ;;

Thank you so much for everything !

(Thought I don’t have any of the custom wips done//slapped-)

I don’t have much more to say, I hope I could post something good enough this weekend

Until then, ByeByeBii~!


Let me see the latest custom posted !


8 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Omg I remember coming to this site for the first time. It’s so amazing that you’ve come so far it brings tears (happy) I remember going to your profile on Graal (I think it was oceane neo not sure o.o) and I found this site. I never knew we would’ve become such great friends and learn from each other, but I’m glad I’m still you humble anime weeaboo Madoka fan. ILY YUKI CONGRATS! c:

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    • It used to be oceane neo I then changed it to Yuki and finally to YukiMoon hehe. I’m so glad I met you, Magical Cookie Reindeer c,: Thank you so much for making me discover Madoka I wouldve certainly missed such a good experience without you ;u; ILYT THANK CHU SO MUCHH!


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