Rin – Shelter Animation

See original image

How many times have I watched this ?”

HEy, hEy, hEY I’ve been doing this all day, you better be proud of me ;-;

~~ お楽しみ ~~


Head: Made from scratch. Extensions were edited!

Bodies: Recolored


Extensions: Rin > MangaBunGfx.Wp

Body #1: Naru > CutieFactory.Wp

Body #2: Totoro > TotoroGfx.Wp


NOTE: Classic sometimes does not allow the doll bodies depending on the admin, if it gets declined due to it being a “bad file” please upload again later under a different name.






Give credit to YukiMoon GFX!

Do not erase my watermark

Do not set Set Transparency.


Don’t hesitate to comment if the customs have any issues or transparency problems.

Rin has a ribbon but I just got lazy okay ;^)

Also, you’re right, no spooky sets this year because no time, #ripme

I didn’t even change the header and background lol what happened

Anyways, hope it’s looking ok, I rushed it up ;v;


(And happy birthday Lev)

I gotta go, it’s literally 6am


tumblr_inline_nsxodp04291t78dpp_500 雪月tumblr_inline_nsxodkGUHM1t78dpp_500



15 thoughts on “Rin – Shelter Animation

    • I’m sorry, I don’t think I can help since its often disapproved for it’s small size which is supposedly illegal (but it apparently depends on which admin is accepting/disapproving your upload request and if I change the size it won’t match the head anymore so all I can advise you is to retry uploading the file later under a different name! ^^ I wish you luck thought if you’re uploading on Classic.


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