Same questions every single day

This post does not contain any graphics concerning Graal, scroll down if you are new.

(Yes, it’s the super annoying artist who’s telling you she got resurrected)

I’m sorry for being so dead this past month, I’m really losing motivation in graphics and I don’t think it’s actually a good thing regarding my future job. But maybe its only because I’m trying to focus on studies which is making me exhausted, exhausted, busy, busy and busy all the freaking time ): but finally, Christmas break has arriv- wait I still have homework, thank you very much.


I’ll try to motivate myself to work on some customs, I though of making Yachi and Kyoko (HQ, Karasuno’s managers) since the third season just ended last week. But someone also suggested MM female ver. and tbh I’m not sure I’ll even do that, I can’t promise anything seeing how unmotivated and busy I currently am.

I don’t have any Christmas related ideas so yeah


I’m getting FF 15 tomorrow so I’ll be playing it most of my time until I finish it, it’ll be even more complicated to find free time lolol

One last thing, if I didn’t reply to one of your comments, do not feel ignored please. Sometimes I am not notified when a user comments or it only appears as a spam and since I was really busy lately, I didn’t check very often my WP. I hope you understand.

See ya around

✄雪月 tumblr_inline_nsxodkGUHM1t78dpp_500

If you found what was the title from, congratulations! You won free oxygen!1!!1!!!1!!


10 thoughts on “Same questions every single day

  1. Omg I can relate to you so much Yuki. Teachers plow homework/projects/tests right before Christmas break too and it’s very stressful. ;-; Like I go on break not to spend my whole vacation doing homework but to take an actually break from school. However, good luck with your studies you’ll do alright!<3 I'm basically having an brain fart and I feel no inspiration to do GFX right now, so I'm basically trying to do art but it's hard to think of what to draw since I haven't done it in a long time/have no time. Like Sof said please don't quit GFX ;o; I love you too much.<3

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