About & Contact

BEGINNING: 2014. Sunday 14th, September.

LATEST UPDATE: 2017. Monday 7th, May.

Ways to contact me:


Kik: yutsuuu


Graal account: @yukimoongfx

– Main Anime account: @tetsuro.neko

– Art account: @yukitsukki

MyAnimeList: Yutsu_Akashi

GraalOnline Era/Classic: You can find me by simply searching “YukiMoon”.

FFXIV: Yutsuki Akashi on the EXODUS server.

 – I DO NOT play any other Graal games than Era and Classic! I don’t play Zone, Ol’west nor Delteria. Any person named “YukiMoon” playing either Zone, Ol’west or Delteria obviously is not me –

 I’m not taking any sort of requests anymore. I apologize deeply but I don’t have time for even the smallest stuff anymore. However, I will gladly chat with you if that’s what you messaged me for!


20 thoughts on “About & Contact

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  2. Hi Im a big fan of your work!!! Can I know which creating/editing program do you use?

    p.s Im serious about loving your work! >_<


  3. Hello YukiMoon!!!!can I ask you a favor?!?! If you can and if you want too,can you make me a head?!?!its only if you want too!!!and if you have time!!!!OK,if you accept my favor,I would ♥LOVE♥ a face of a Anime girl!!!the anime is called “Say I Love You” and the girl is called Mei!!!! I play classic,my username is :+Hinamori+: and my email is nadyamarie8@gmail.com


  4. SORRY!!! I just love your work!!!and if you don’t want to do my request,that’s okidoki!!! :3 P.S.sorry if I made you mad or sad!!!


  5. Hi 😀 I love your gfx!! i just wanted to let you know that i re-created your tiger custom but if anyone asks i’ll give you full credit


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