About & Contact

About me:

Welcome to my site!

There’s really not much to say about me, I’m simply an otaku who found out about graal and started GFX, being inspired and amazed by two certain god artists (*whispers* Kelsi and Gumi), by little editing and recoloring to making heads from scratch. I also used to be extremely cringy because of my immaturity, I’m writing this on summer 2017, I’m now 15. I won’t say anymore unnecessary stuff about me, simply enjoy your trip on my site and comment if you have any questions or issues about anything, I’ll try to reply ASAP.

WP site START: 2014. September, Sunday 14th – Around 3 AM

CURRENTLY ON BREAK, choosing between quitting GFX, keep going when I’m feeling like it or deleting the site.

WP site END: ————–

Ways to contact me:

E-mail: Yukimoongfx@gmx.fr

Kik: oceane.neo


Graal account: @yukimoongfx

– Main Anime account: @tetsuro.neko

– Art account: @yukitsukki

MyAnimeList: YukiMoonTokisaki

GraalOnline Era/Classic: You can find me by simply searching “YukiMoon”.

 – I DO NOT play any other Graal games than Era and Classic! I don’t play Zone, Ol’west nor Delteria. Any person named “YukiMoon” playing either Zone, Ol’west or Delteria obviously is not me –


 Do not spam my email with requests (nor personal ones), I won’t accept even if you add money to the deal. I will gladly accept to see your fanarts or read your suggestions. –


20 thoughts on “About & Contact

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  2. Hi Im a big fan of your work!!! Can I know which creating/editing program do you use?

    p.s Im serious about loving your work! >_<


  3. Hello YukiMoon!!!!can I ask you a favor?!?! If you can and if you want too,can you make me a head?!?!its only if you want too!!!and if you have time!!!!OK,if you accept my favor,I would ♥LOVE♥ a face of a Anime girl!!!the anime is called “Say I Love You” and the girl is called Mei!!!! I play classic,my username is :+Hinamori+: and my email is nadyamarie8@gmail.com


  4. SORRY!!! I just love your work!!!and if you don’t want to do my request,that’s okidoki!!! :3 P.S.sorry if I made you mad or sad!!!


  5. Hi 😀 I love your gfx!! i just wanted to let you know that i re-created your tiger custom but if anyone asks i’ll give you full credit


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