Doll / Lolita Fashion Customs

In this section you’ll find Doll Customs (Tiny Sized) but you can also find Human-Doll Customs (Normal sized custom with the Doll style).

Be careful tiny sized customs are supposed to be illegal, I don’t take any responsability if you get banned from uploading because you spammed uploading any tiny sized doll custom.

All the customs here have been realised (Edited or Made) by me and me only, if you ever find any of my work on another website, it’s not theirs.

Credits are given on the Home page.

Set transparency if the head/body has a coloured background. (Which means that the body is indexed.)

Do not steal! Thank you.

– Tiny Sized Dolls Customs –

doll_Kitsune-chandoll_Kitsune-chan_pinkdoll_Kitsune-chan_blackdoll_Kitsune-chan-bdoll_Kitsune-chan-b_pinkdoll_Kitsune-chan-b_black5958dollydownponytails dollydownponytailsbodybandagedollyheadChobitsChiiChobitsChiipinkChobitsChiiblueChobitsChiigreenChobitsChiipastChobitsChiibodyChobitsChiipinkbodyChobitsChiibluebodyChobitsChiigreenbodyChobitsChiipastbody

– Normal Sized Human-Dolls Customs –

qtoranpleqtpibluqtcyenqtgrelowqtoranplebqtpiblubqtcyenbqtgrenlowbqtpinkycupcakeqtpurplycupcakeqtblubycupcakeqtyellycupcakeqtgreenycupcake qtpinkycupcakeb qtpurplycupcakeb qtblubycupcakeb qtyellycupcakeb qtgreenycupcakebdollyblondedollyblondebShiroyasha-headw Shiroyasha-kimonodollbun dollbun2 dollpt2 dollptdollbun-body.png dollpt-body dollpt2-bodykawaiichristmas-h kawaiichristmas-bkuu-yan-dere kuu-yan-dere3 kuu-yan-dere2 kuu-yan-dere-bodkuu-yan-dere-bod2kuu-yan-dere-bodykuu-yan-dere-body2kuu-yan-dere-bodyokuu-yan-dere-bodyo2kuu-yan-dere-bodyom2kuu-yan-dere-bodyom


35 thoughts on “Doll / Lolita Fashion Customs

  1. Heyo! It may be just me, but for th blonde pigtailed doll custom (w/ black uniform), there’s only the bodies with the pigtail extensions.
    (Sorry if that was written in a huge pile of jumbled words you can’t understand)
    Also, your customs are really cute! You have so much talent 😀
    I’ll keep a look out for assholes for ya, too ❤


    • No, you’re right xD I think I was lazy to find a matching uniform for the buns ones because they were made before the pigtails ones and I only added a matching uniform for them because they had extensions TwT curse my laziness, I’ll add the body without the extensions tomorrow (or like in 7 hours if I did not forget lmao), thank you for telling me ^^
      And thanks very much for the compliment :3 !


    • I’m thinking about it since most of the anime characters I really like are boys, if I start making anime boys it’ll only be after June 21 because my summer break starts here and I’ll have a lot of free time to GFX! ^^”


  2. Hello Yukimoongfx can you make Queen of hearts head and body from themovie Alice in the wonderland the (the live action one not the animated one)


  3. the girl with pink hair pigtail braids, when i tried to upload it it said ”Sorry the upload has been disapproved because of ; transparency problems there is a visible background” But I tried both set transparency and not and they both didn’t


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