Fanart Contests 2015 – 2016 !


Starting Date: Saturday, February 20th 2016. 6:00 AM – Europe TIMEZONE.

Ending Date: Saturday, March 6th 2016. 6:00 AM – Europe TIMEZONE.

(Duration: 2 weeks.)

Fanart: Once again, multiple character choices. (Help: Consider my character as a Yandere or having Gasai Yuno’s personality) Between my pure sided custom or my evil sided custom. You have the choice to draw the hat or not and even draw the hat of your choice (I often wear a white rose), same thing goes for the wings but they’re more important so you should still draw them if you’re willing to win this contest! You don’t have to color your drawing if you’re bad at it, however your drawing might be judged as more original if you color it > Black and White shading will be equal to coloured if it’s carefully shaded. Paper as Digital art is accepted

(Since the contest has ended, I removed my personal picture used for the fanarts).


Kik: oceane.neo

Instagram: @yukimoon_tokisaki or @yukimoon_insane (my first account is advised)

Prize: personal custom of your imagination.

Don’t Forget: to sign your fanart! (Give me you name please, really.) Take a glance to the countdown regulary.

One last thing… GOOD LUCK MIN’NA-SAN ! / 幸運の男 !

Feel free to comment if you have any question or even message me on either Kik or Insta ( or Email me ofc!)

The 2016 contest has ended!

The winner is Leonilyn Matsunanga!



Don’t forget to congratulate her for this heavenly piece of art!


Time: The contest starts the Sunday, May 24th and will end the Thursday, June 24th. So you have a month ( 31 days ) to draw my character and send it to me.

Drawing: You will have to choose one of these personals ( They’re mine ), draw it and send it to me. I didn’t put all my customs because there were too much …

How to contact me: There is only one way to contact me, by Kik only. Do not spam me if I don’t message you back right now, I’ll surely be busy or sleeping since I live in France so timezones are differents, so don’t panic ^^ I will send you a message back to notice you that I saved your fanart. My Kik: oceane.neo

Prize: Of course there’s a prize (except if you don’t want it!) It’s a (Female) Tiger Personal! There’s just a problem… Like it’s an upload, you’ll have to buy it for Gralats. Only wants the single head or the single body? Yes, you can! That’s not a problem (Why would it be ?!), just notice me for that!~ Preview Bellow-v


Don’t Forget: to sign your fanart, please! It’s really important for credits. – to send me your fanart before the end of the competition!

Any questions ? Well, contact me on Kik or by E-mail!

Good Luck Everyone!~

The 2015 contest has ended!

The winner is Rivaille > RivSketchBook.Wp



Don’t forget to congratulate her for this colorfully ressemblant art!


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