FAQ / Related Questions

This page is reserved for frequently asked questions! I will probably add more questions as new ones will come.

You can also ask me anything by commenting below.

Q: What kind of program do you use for GFX ?

A: I only use Photoshop for GFX but it’s expensive, I recommend Gimp if you want a free one.


Q: Can you make any GFX tutorials and did you ever made any ?

A: I don’t think I will or can really make GFX tutorials because I’m really bad at explaining (and well, English isn’t my primary language!) and also because I may make mistakes during making the tutorial and I don’t want to make you fail. This kinda answers the second part of the question, I never ever made any.


Q: Do we need to ask your permission to edit your work ?

A: You sure don’t! BUT, you need to respect the basic conditions and rules: You Can Edit As Long As You Give Credit To The Original Owner (In This Case: Me) & You Sure Have To Be Honest When A Player Asks You If You MADE It Or EDITED It, This Still Apply If A Player Asks You Where Can Be Found The Original Version Of Your Custom.  < IF THOSE CONDITIONS ARE NOT RESPECTED YOU’LL BE CALLED OF A STEALER BY OUR GFX ARTISTS COMMUNITY.


Q: What if you accidentally post a custom on your site that really looks like my personal in-game ?

A: I’ll delete it if you ask for it. BUT you might have to show me your personal and I recommend you to immediatly comment the concerned post to make sure you made/edited and uploaded your personal before the post’s release.


Q: Do you make your own personals ?

A: I sure do! But I don’t always make by scratch, I mostly “major edit” them.


Q: Will you ever open again requests ?

A: I will surely open it again in some time but I’m really busy with school and just simple real life, so I can’t open it for now.


Q: Why are you not accepting/doing personal requests and will you ever change your mind and finally accept/do ?

A: I don’t like doing it simply because anyone can already claim any of the customs they uploaded as their personal work in general though you can possibly find the customs on any sites and then in the personal request case, if the person is the only one to have those customs they can easily say they own them, making me the liar or almost stealer if I try to argue and say I made the customs for them only. Plus if it gets iFiled I’ll propably get pissed of a bit since I made them for that person and that person only, not to any other people to have it too.


Q: Will you ever make your customs no longer free but payable for your Graal customers ?

A: I don’t currently plan on making my customs payable and I don’t think that would be fair, the customs I edit/make are not that good and I still really need to practice and try to make more customs by scratch. Thought if in the future I still GFX and get enough skill to make my customs by scratch and make them look “ok” I could manage to make they payable but not all of my customs would be payable! And I remember I also made payable customs in the past, precisely at the start of my website. That was a stupid thing to do since they were extremely simply shaded, also those customs were penguin/duck customs which you can now find in the Heads and Bodies pages for free.


Q: Can we meet you on any Graal games ?

A: You sure can! But I might be offline when you’ll pm me since my timezone is different and that I’m really inactive.


Q: Do you accept drawing requests ?

A: No, I don’t cause I’m very busy with school/exams and stuff like that and I’m not that good at drawing but I may accept drawing requests one day if I become enough skilled.


Q: Could we meet in real life ???

A: I don’t think we actually could since I live in France and you must live in America. Plus my English accent in general is really bad and I would be EXTREMELY shy to meet a fan in real ( ❤ ).

Q: Can you show us our face ?

A: Unfortunally not (currently). I’m not very at ease with this kind of stuff but I honestly don’t want people to recognize me in real or such things like this.



More questions will come as you ask different stuff.


5 thoughts on “FAQ / Related Questions

  1. Dear YukiMoon, can i use the extension of your bodies in other bodies too? Please i don’t want to use the same body everytime ;^;


  2. I got a problem, when I wanted to upload a head it said the file needs to be less than 131072 bytes and and admin told me to compress the file, and i did. But then the file changes to .zip and when i change it to .gif it messes up. Do u know the solution? :c


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