GFX Suggestions & WIPS

Welcome to the special GFX Suggestions and In Working/In Progress Customs Page!

Here you can comment any GFX suggestions you have in mind! Don’t be shy, share your ideas!

But remember suggestions and requests are different words with different meanings. A suggestion isn’t a request which mean I’m not obviously going to make your suggestion real. If I have enough time, if I have the power to (If I’m enough skilled, eheh…) and if I WANT to make it then I’ll do ~

Anime customs are welcomed as well!

Stored Suggestions:

  • Mystic Messenger – Female versions

Currently Working On:

  • Niiyama Nico – Kiznaiver
  • Katsuki Yuri – Yuri!!! on Ice
  • Gumi Vocaloid

Don’t forget to comment your suggestions below!


31 thoughts on “GFX Suggestions & WIPS

    • I’m sorry, I’ll gladly add your site when I’ll be back from my trip (August 20) since I don’t have any wifi here ):

      No need to ask to edit any of my work as long as you don’t erase my watermark and give credit to me for the original work (you can of course add your own watermark for your edit, beside mine ^^)


  1. I’d love to see anything from Hetalia (I’m aware you’ve already been requested to do Nyotalia/Female Prussia). I love your work, looking forward to see if you do that Bacterial Contamination set! c:


  2. Hello~ pls do a head that looks like the mc of mystic messenger. I want the bangs will cover all the entire eyes ^~^ her hair color is brown btw. Sorry im suck at explaining. Lol


  3. Since one of the stored suggestion are the female versions of characters in mystic messenger, can you make MC and yes her eyes would always be hidden (those beautiful eyes *insert sarcasm here xD*) and thank you for your all your hardwork <3. Tbh most of the files I saved to upload are from your site ITS JUST SO GORG~


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