Requests (CLOSED)


Requests Are Closed! Apologies.

Your request will be completed once I have finished all my others Gfx projects. Do not spam for request or be rude at asking or you’ll be blocked. I do not take personal requests! All requests will be published on this page. Click here for visit the contact page!

Don’t hesitate to message me for take news of your customs or for remind me of your request if I could have forgot it!

Before upload or edit, please, give credits to me and the original owners.

Black Rock Shooter custom white version, requested by Ngan.


Black Rock Shooter custom red version (+scar), requested by Jasmine.



14 thoughts on “Requests (CLOSED)

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  3. I have a request for the site *w* You should do hamsters! Since I saw on your status that your taking request FOR THE SITE. And if you do do it I know you’ll make them fab because it’s your style. *p*


    • Don’t make the fact that you are p͟r͟o͟b͟a͟b͟l͟y͟ hospitalized a reason to force people to accept your requests. I’m not even sure you’re saying the truth and even so I probably wouldn’t because it isn’t fair. Good luck or not ?


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