Deadly Smile

Deadly Smile

Elf and Neko vers. are available!

~~ お楽しみ ~~


Female Heads: Reshaded & Resized pigtails + Made a different fringe (used the Bakemono head as a template) + Added Elf & Cat ears + Changed skin tone and Eye style

Male Heads: Made a different fringe + Changed skin tone and Eye style + Added Elf & Cat ears.


Original pigtails: Kelsi > KelsiScarletFilla.Wp

Original male head: Gunner > GunnerGraal.Wb


NOTE: The male head was supposedly a bonus and was made at the last-minute that’s why it’s much less “worked up” than the female one.

UPDATE: Recolors have been released! If you wish to see other hair/eye colors, do not hesitate to say it in the comments section, indicating which hair and eye matching color would you like me to add.


Female Heads:



(Bonus) Male Heads:




Give credit to YukiMoon GFX!

Do not erase my watermark

Do not set Set Transparency for those heads.


Don’t hesitate to comment if the heads have any issues or transparency problems.

G U Y S. This is the first ever male head I posted here lmao.

So, you can consider those as couple or matching siblings heads ^^

*inserts random shootout* shootout to OMGitsEffy, a fan ❤


Once again, Thanks for all the views! I hope seeing people wearing those on Graal c:

Have a very good day, Yuki-senpai is going to catch pokemons,


tumblr_inline_nsxodp04291t78dpp_500 雪月tumblr_inline_nsxodkGUHM1t78dpp_500



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